vrijdag 28 maart 2014

Harry Potter

We got one happy kid...

Colin scored maximum on his CITO (test for Middle School) and wants to go to College Hageveld in Heemstede, which is just a couple of miles further ahead.

Ever seen one of those Harry Potter movies? Remember the wizard school he is attending? Hogwart (Zweinstein)? Hageveld is generally compared to that school.

As it is a rather pretentious school, it is normal that there are more applications than there are places for the kids. This means that there usually is a raffle to get admitted.

This year there are just about as much applications as there are places, so he got accepted without the raffle!


So now we need to start practice runs (by bike) to get him used to getting to school; he needs to learn the route as he needs to be aware of the distance and the time to get there. And now I hear you: "Isn't there any public transport?" Yes, there is, but when the weather is OK, there is no need to take the bus... Did you get to ride the bus to school when you could walk or ride your bike??? I didn't and it didn't kill me!

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